The Company

The team managing Pinnacle Cases started manufacturing Flightcase hardware way back in 1993. The use of flightcases was yet to catch on in India and a sizeable range of handles, corner braces, ball corner fittings, rubber feet, extrusions and the type were manufactured and exported to European and American Companies.

Complete flightcases were built from 1998 onwards, to cater to the Indian market utilising these fittings that were built to exacting European and US standards. It has been the experience of over 26 years that we stand poised to design, engineer and deliver what we term as “Engineered Protection”, across the world.

The Ethos

Loyalty, dedication and a sense of pride are deep rooted in every team member. Many who have shared over a decade of their lives with us, keep improving with age and experience, resulting in the strong personality seen in our finished products.

The Company strives to achieve perfection and it is our continuing endeavour to improve product configurations through new materials and processes, whilst being more environment friendly with each change.

We believe that a customer with a one-off requirement is as important to our growth as are the big corporates who trust us.

This strong ethos will keep us at the Pinnacle of custom case building in this nick of the woods, so we believe.

Continuous Research & Development

Our never ending passion for custom cases drives us to spend time and money in developing newer materials and systems to benefit the end user.